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SharePoint site Backup / Migration

Posted by Steven Westwell on February 29, 2008

[I wrote this entry a little while ago, and is aimed at WSS v2] 

Another frequently asked question, this time around the backup and restoration of a sharepoint site.

Generally the STSADM approach is the best way to do this, as all aspects of the site (including permissions) are backed up.

However there is an alternative using SMIGRATE, which only backs up the site data, and upon restoration all permissions will be reset to default.

To backup a site with smigrate:

Smigrate -w http://portal/sites/oldsite -f c:sharepointbackupsitebackup.fwp

To restore a site with smigrate:

create a new site but do not apply a template i.e. when asked for Team Site, Document Workspace etc… close Internet Explorer

Then run

Smigrate -r -w http://testportal/sites/newsite -f c:sharepointbackupsitebackup.fwp


I was also going to write a “how to” for STSADM but this link says it all really 🙂

Note: SMIGRATE can be found in “Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions60Bin ” on the sharepoint server or download from here:

N.B. I must stress that STSADM should be used instead of SMIGRATE if possible in 99.9% of backup senarios.


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Migrating a SharePoint List

Posted by Steven Westwell on February 29, 2008

I have been asked about this a few times, and recently I was very specifically asked about how to move a Survey on Windows SharePoint Services Version 2.0, however the following will work for any list in WSS v2 and the approach should also be valid with WSS v3, the exact navigation between settings pages however may vary:

If you navigate to the survey you want to move, and select the “modify settings and questions” in the left panel.

One of the options you will be presented with is “save this list as a template” (you will have the option to save the data as well as the actual set of questions)

Once this is completed you will have the option to create a copy of this survey at any time on your site… however, this template should now be available to download from the administration section of your site:

Site Settings –> Go to Site Administration –> Manage List Template Gallery

you should then be able to right click on the templates name and save the stp file locally.

on the site you wish to migrate the survery to, navigate to the same page:

Site Settings –> Go to Site Administration –> Manage List Template Gallery

and upload the template (.stp file)

This template will now be available when you click “create” on your site

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