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Posted by Steven Westwell on February 6, 2008


 Last night we went to see Kodo, a group of Japanese Drummers, and they were great!

I got home from work and was shattered, not really feeling in the mood to be going to a concert, but tickets had been bought and I was interested to see Kodo live.

Considering we only picked up tickets last minute, our seats were central and we had a really good view of the stage.  The show was split into two halves entitled “Spirit” and “Dance”.


the first half of the show appeared to focus more on the music, drumming and occasional singing.  all of which was very very good.  There were several very epic displays of what could be achieved with some very clever techniques, which both sounded and looked very awsome.


The second half of the show had a bit more ceremony about it and contained a bit more showmanship.  This half of the show also included a huge drum and a serious amount of stamina and strength which was very very impressive.

 The show ended with all 15 members of Kodo present that evening playing and several rounds of applause.


Awsome show!

Kodo Blog:

It’s definately worth catching Kodo live if they are playing in your area, and if they are not pick up their cd! 🙂



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